MAY 9-15, 2015

Join Mary Clare Sweet, Dan Wilf and a boatload of fun-lovin travelers on this exotic YOGASCAPES retreat through Turkey. Our yoga cruising adventure, hosted by Yogacruising, will take you along a unique, scenic and historic coastal region. Discover one of the last hidden paradises along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Crystal clear water, numerous small islands, thousands idyllic bays, picturesque places, many testimonies of ancient culture and a species-rich vegetation determine the landscape which has inspired so many poets over the centuries.

There's no better way to explore the coast of Turkey than to set sail on a beautiful yacht for a week, with delicious meals and the best of company, gorgeous nature and wonderful culture. Except maybe to do so while also practicing yoga every day! 

Our experienced yoga teachers will offer an equally eye-opening experience while we journey through the crystal clear Mediterranean water and breathtaking Turkish coast line. 


> 1 week accommodations aboard our beautiful yacht
> Daily yoga classes with Mary Clare Sweet and Dan Wilf
> 3 healthy meals daily, (not including excursions) 
> Nature hikes and cultural exploration
> Special excursion to Cleopatra's Island
> Half day trip to a traditional turkish village
> All the fun you can handle


This is an all levels yoga and travel experience geared toward anyone who wants to take their yoga practice out of the studio and into a breathtaking natural environment. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Professional sailors,  first time sea-goers and travelers of all types are encouraged to join us on this unique adventure. The hiking/excursions that we do will not be extremely strenuous.


For an epic journey of these proportions we had to seek out equally inspiring and dynamic teachers to support this yoga adventure. We are thrilled to welcome Mary Clare Sweet and Dan Wilf aboard our ship to captain this spiritual voyage.  


Mary Clare Sweet

My mission is to connect people through joyful yoga. Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins. When we come together on the mat and experience this bliss, the manifestation of my intention to teach has arrived. I own Lotus House of Yoga, a vinyasa studio in Omaha, Nebraska. The classes I lead are fun, challenging and filled with love. I enjoy playing at the edge of the asana practice and watching the spirit soar to new heights. Music is integral to the asana classes I lead. My playlists are funky and always fresh, incorporating soul, hip hop, folk, and pop.  My class will connect you to your true self and ignite your passion for life.


Dan Wilf

Drawing from a vast amount of teachings and life experiences, Dan aims to present the ancient lessons of yoga with a fun, accessible, and modern day approach so that all may enjoy.

Dan first stepped on the mat to find some balance in his “Rock & Roll” lifestyle and became instantly hooked. In addition to perusing an advanced certification with his primary teacher Shiva Rea, he has traveled the world studying many different styles of yoga with celebrated teachers such as Joan White, Dharma Mittra, and Richard Freeman. He has traveled with and assisted Simon Park, and is a full fledge member of Brock & Krista Cahill’s Flight Club. When you walk into one of Dan’s classes you can expect creative and intelligent sequencing, great music, plenty of time going upside down, a solid dose of comic relief, and an overall great vibe.


Our amazing hosts in Turkey have created a wonderful itinerary that will satiate your deepest wanderlust and inspire your innermost rest and relaxation along the way.  Yogacruising has a beautiful fleet of boats and specializes in wellness yacht cruises. Their highly experienced team has picked the sweetest spots for our off the beaten path escape. For more information regarding Yogacruising and to see some more pictures of their boats please visit www.yogacruising.com!



Our crew undertakes everything to make to your stay on board an unforgettable experience. We'll take care of planning all of the meals, arranging the activities and helping with you with anything you need - allowing you the space to simply relax and cruise. With the focus of providing a small group size we are able create an intimate atmosphere that contributes to the strong community that is a fundamental characteristic of all of our retreats. 

Ideal for vegetarians. The best diet in the world! Versatile and healthy.

Turkey is paradise for vegetarians: countless appetizers and small dishes,  fresh salads at every meal, gourmet lunches and dishes feature fresh produce and local specialties, dessert like melon, honey melon, grapes, pears, apple, banana, apricots, peaches, figs, kivi, Granadapfel, strawberries and oranges according to the season. Fresh fish and select meat options are available with dinner.  We can accommodate most dietary needs.

To get an idea of how food is structured see below: 

Cheese varieties, jam, honey, eggs, omelette, sausage, tomato, cucumber, melon, yoghurt, butter.

Dishes prepared from fresh vegetables, salad varieties, pasta dishes

Seabass, sea bream, as fish and Kotlet, köfte, chicken, rice, macaroni, potato, vegetable supplement and  appetizers.


Day 1 -  Saturday
Transfer to the yacht and Welcome cocktail aboard

Day 2 - Sunday
Line off. Sail day to Çatı.

Day 3 - Monday
Küçük Çat -Amazon

Day 4 -  Tuesday
7 Iceland (Snorkel, fishing)

Day 5 -  Wednesday
Küfre-Tuzla (wander)

Day 6 -  Thursday
Löngöz-Kleopatra Iceland (cultural wandering)

Day 7 - Friday
Ballısu-English harbour (Nature wandering)

Day 9 - Saturday
Transfer to the airport.


FLY INTO BODRUM. If you can't find a flight to Bodrum you can fly into Dalaman or take a ferry from Rhodes. Your Yoga Cruise begins in the Bodrum Harbor the night of the trip start date. The boat departs the morning after.  We suggest flying into the Bodrum Airport since it's closer and transfer costs are less (around 80Euro/car each way) If you fly into Dalaman you will have to pay for your airport transfers that cost 220 Euro/Car each way. This can be split up to 4 ways and we can help you arrange this with other guests.

We suggest flying in to Bodrum/Dalaman around midday so that you can arrive at the boat before 5pm. If you have to arrive a bit later that's okay but your transfer may be more costly if you can't split with others.

Once you purchase your airfare please send it to us so that we can start to arrange transfers as soon as possible.

You will depart for the airport (or the rest of your adventure) after breakfast around 10 a.m.
*Please book your return flights for the afternoon (2pm or later is best) to avoid needing a special transfer.


> 1 week accommodations aboard our beautiful yacht
> Daily yoga classes with Mary Clare Sweet and Dan Wilf
> 3 healthy meals daily, (not including excursions) 
> Nature hikes and cultural exploration
> Special excursion to Cleopatra's Island
> Half day trip to a traditional turkish village
> Use of yoga mats
> All the fun you can handle

> Airport Transfers
> Beverages like alchohol/sodas 
> Airfare/Ground Transport


Special early bird pricing starts at just $1595 and includes seven nights accommodations on board our private sailing yacht, 3 delicious and nourishing meals per day, cultural and nature stops, plus all the yoga and adventure that you can handle.

We offer this super early bird discount to make this trip affordable to a wider range of people.  We also offer an early bird discount to reward people for signing up early.  Please be aware of our deadlines below when purchasing.  

Please review our trip agreement policy before purchasing to view our travel insurance policy, cancellation policy and other important info! Participation Agreement.

1.  Pay in full online now!
2. Make a deposit now - pay the remainder by check (no processing fee on remainder - (Full Payment due by August 15th)
3. Make a deposit now - pay the rest online later. (Full Payment due by August 15th)


Super Early Bird: Purchase by June 1, 2014.
Shared Cabin – $1695/person 

Early Bird: Purchase by August 8, 2014.
Shared Cabin – $1795/person 

Regular Rates: 
Shared Cabin – $1895/person